07 janvier 2011

The New Orléans Afrikan Film and Arts Festival Project

wishes you Happy New Year!


Welcome to Fair Grinds ! 

3133 Ponce de Leon NOLA 70119


Friday January 7


Le Fair G.jpg


6 pm  Dive !  Independent film with special guest, Director Jeremy Seifert 

7:30 pm Tom Marron and Daron Douglas - guitar, fiddle, harmonica

6 - 8 pm For lagniappe:  Wine Tasting at Swirl Wine Bar

             3143 Ponce de Leon NOLA 70119


About Dive


Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food. That's 263 million pounds a day. 11 million pounds an hour. 3,000 pounds a second.

This is something that we can change in our lifetime. We imagine a world of empty dumpsters, good food in full bellies, and regular people leading sustainable lives. Send a message to the grocery stores and tell them that you care about the environment, food waste, and hungry people--and they should too!





EAT TRASH Campaign to End Food Waste is part of a growing movement that re-examines the role of food in a society that wastes 1/2 of all that it produces. This is a call to action. We inspire, awaken, challenge, educate, and empower individuals to reduce waste in the home, school, work, and cafeteria. We pressure supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and corporations to Save More and Waste Less. We highlight the role of hunger, poverty, and waste in society and take this on as an issue of justice, ethics, morality, and common sense. We imagine a world of empty dumpsters, full bellies, and regular people leading sustainable lives. Join the campaign now and become an EAT TRASH advocate! Details to follow! 




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